WINGz has worked with Dr Georgina Jardim over the last five years to deliver scriptural reasoning in Gloucester City area.  Georgina was introduced to WINGz by Nadiya Takolia, who grew up in Gloucester and has worked with a number of Higher Education Institutes and establishments around Scriptural Reasoning. 


Women of different ages and from a variety of backgrounds have come together to discuss lots of topics which feature in the scriptures.

During 2017, the group worked with artist Amanda Eady to create the Tree of Faith, which was showcased as part of the Christian Arts Festival and has since traveled to a number of locations around the country – and the concept has been replicated by other scriptural reasoning groups.

Visit the Scriptural Reasoning website to find out more about the concept.

An example of the extracts from the Holy Book scripts can be discovered in this document –  HBC_Mother’s Day


If you’d like to learn more and attend future sessions please Contact Wingz to find out more.